Hot Female Malhash's Model Alina - Fashionable Funky Long Shirt Teenage Style - Image 001

Malhash is a fashion house that offers funky casual wear outfits for women. Dresses by Malhash are something that lets you express yourself with bold, rich and vibrant colors. The outfits are a creative fusion of the various cultures existing in Pakistan and high end street fashion. In their ‘Firki Collection’ they have included a variety of shirts that can be paired up with churidaars, trousers or skinny jeans which looks very trendy and up-to-the-minute. The shirts are designed in such a way that each of them is a masterpiece on its own. With funky slogans and motifs embroidered on them, their outfits become very expressive and speak volumes! Not only this, you even get a customized one with a slogan or a motif of your own choice

Photography at Islamabad (Lok Virsa)
by: Danish Insari 
Pakistani Female Model Alina - 
Fikri Collection Image 001