Beautiful Colourful Nail Polish Collection.

Nail polish in Asian Country i.e. Pakistan Bangladesh, India has been a beauty staple item in almost every girl’s beauty closet for years now. Your nail color is something that can be changed very easily and will completely transform a look. Like clothing and makeup, nail polish has certain trends, and while many of us may not want to take part in current trends, nail polish is something easy to experiment with. Believe it or not the colors that people wear on their nails can say a lot about their personality. So why not use nail polish as your statement accessory and give people something to talk about?

Color Palette:

Color is something that many of us may be scared to experiment with but with nail polish it can be really easy. When choosing a nail polish color sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with all the choices. But don’t worry! Nail polish isn’t permanen,t and you can change it a week later if you want. Brands like OPI and Essie usually come out with color collections that contain a variety of choices so there is something for everyone. Whether you want a neon color that will pop in the summer or a neutral fall shade there is a color out there for you.

Finishing Touches:

The latest craze in nail polish has been nail art and different finishes for your nails. We have seen everything from extreme glitter to pictures on nails. Now this may be a little out of the box for some of you but those of you who want to try something different you can start small. One of the most popular nail finishes is crackle almost every brand has created their own version in a huge assortment of colors. The crackle or shatter effect lets the color underneath the finish show through the top. Another huge trend for almost every season has been glitter. There is a glitter shade in every color imaginable and this really adds a girly feel to your look while taking you back to your childhood years.